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Discover the 10 Top Mistakes to Avoid When planning Your Next Career Transition

Life is Too Short to be Stuck in a Career That Doesn’t Satisfy Your Aspirations

90 percent of business professionals are suffering work related burnout, which leads to an unfulfilled career and an unsatisfied life

You Deserve a Better Life

Use Our Scientifically Proven Coaching Method And Get The Perfect Fit Career for You

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Follow a customized & efficient step by step blueprint

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Make sure you don’t take the wrong step in the wrong direction

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Be certain of your next career step

Believe me, it’s very stressful to go through an unplanned career transition by yourself. Like you, I was in your situation many times in the past throughout my several careers transformations!

I’m here to help you to make your next executive career the perfect fit for you

How We Help You

In the Passion MBA, we know that 90 percent of executives & business professionals are suffering work-related burnout, which has a huge negative impact on their careers and personal lives.

We created a step-by-step blueprint for those who aspire for a career change, to guide them to avoid risks in their career
transformation, maintain high compensation, and create their next
big career opportunity.


We help you to rebuild your career on the right foundations


We empower you to find, test and grow your passions and find the perfect-fit career for you


We design a customized action plan for you to acquire the skills necessary for the job that you were born to do

Your Dream Career Blueprint

Believe me, it’s very stressful to go through a career transition. We have been in your situation throughout our several career transformations! We are here to help you to make your next career the perfect fit for you

Your Business Transformation Blueprint

We help business owners who are struggling in their businesses to expand to new business areas and thrive their existing businesse


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Passionate, Visionary & Daring to change people’s lives

When people work in their dream careers they thrive, find their life purpose and live a fulfilled life

Discover the 10 Top Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Next Career Transition