Meet Mustafa

Hello! I am Mustafa Ammar, and I’m excited along with my teammates to help you shake up your career status quo and start living a life successfully pursuing your passions!

Believe me, it’s very stressful to go through a career transition. I have been in your situation throughout my several career transformations! I’m here to help you to make your next career the perfect fit for you! My passions have led me around the world—I’m a proud Egyptian but truly a global citizen, who’s lived on five continents and speaks seven languages on various fluency levels!

I’ve enjoyed success in several different and fascinating fields including pharmacy, global diplomacy (ten years as a diplomat in China, in Malawi, and at the United Nations) and multinational infrastructure banking (developing business as an Operations Investment Specialist in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank).

Through it all, I’ve stayed focused on living the life of my dreams, not the life others expected from me. I’ve mastered the practical and spiritual steps needed to avoid getting stuck in my career or in any other area of my life and pursue a fulfilled life.

I can’t wait to show you how to make those steps, too, so you can follow your passions with clarity and confidence, wherever they lead!

Mustafa Ammar

• MBA, specializing in Organizational Psychology, Project Management, Venture Capital and Private Equity, University of Manchester
• Diploma, Diplomatic Studies, Egyptian Diplomatic Institute
• BA in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cairo University


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