What should my next career move be?

Your ideal career is the one that you enjoy every day. Have you ever felt that your career doesn’t bring you happiness & fulfillment anymore? Have you ever wondered if your career best fits your personality, your pursued life-style and your passions?

Take this free career aptitude test to give you insights into your personality, the careers that fit you best and how to get the career you are born for.

This quiz is based on a characterization of your personality, interests and passions in terms of the four major personality types. For best results please answer the coming series of questions with the most accurate answer that describes you.

This quiz is only the first step of finding your suitable career, that will be followed by a series of other exercises to guide you through your career transition.

Believe me, it’s very stressful to go through an unplanned career transition by yourself. Like you, I was your situation many times in the past throughout my several career transformations. I am here to help you to make your next executive career the perfect fit for you. We will walk together across this journey. I am here to empower you to be the hero of your own story.

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