5 signs that you work in a toxic culture

The unique thing about the toxic culture is that people often don’t realize it is a toxic culture. Psychologically, it makes people accustomed to the ways and they internalize these features as normal. The workplace is defined to be a place of productivity, enthusiasm, and high motivation but the case is often the opposite in toxic workplace. The concern is that if you keep working in a toxic culture, you will soon lose all your motivation to work and excel for the achievement of your long-term goal. It’s like termites in your mind that consume you gradually and eat away your abilities to gain better opportunities. Keeping in view the gravity of the problem, here are 5 signs to show that your workplace is toxic:

1. Low Enthusiasm

As we mentioned earlier, workplaces tend to be productive and enthusiastic places. It motivates employees by using all the strategies and tools. However, your workplace is always a gloomy place where everyone seems to be irritated most of the time. They are trying to barely hold onto day-to-day tasks and don’t seem to bother about their coworkers.

2. A Controlling Fixed Mindset

Another sign that you work in a toxic workplace is the continuous fear you have about committing some mistake and leading to ultimate failure. This fear does not translate into a way to perform better but it paralyzes you to a point that you cannot think straight. There are often irrational fears that you have never bothered about in your life before. It prevents you and your coworkers to step out of their comfort zones and hence leads to an avoidable failure. The employees in toxic work environments possess fixed-mindset rules instead of a growth mindset. Every person wants to have personal gains rather than collective gains. No one talks about teamwork or team values and everybody prioritizes their own interests When the fixed mindset rules, no one wants to take risks and tend to secure their own positions and do fewer mistakes. When the fixed mindset rules, the place turns to a less creative organization as no one supports and cares about creativity.

3. A lot of complaints

Toxic work culture is mired with complaints from the clients and employees. You see everyone complaining about everything. However, no one is willing to solve these complaints. It’s a cycle where you adopt the same attitude daily, go through these things collectively and complain about them continuously. There is no escape from these difficulties. Even if someone stands up to address, there are complaints about that too. No one is happy and no one wants to be happy.

4. Confusion and dysfunction

See around your workplace and tell if you find someone who can help you clear your thoughts. If no, your place is filled with toxicity. In a productive workplace, mentors are available and willing to help to solve problems. However, in your workplace, everyone is confused. They are epitomes of dysfunctional attitudes and do not believe in social support.

5. High turnover

Are you continuously finding new people in your workplace? Do your colleagues jump to get the first opportunity to leave the workplace? Are you thinking about leaving too? For all these events, there is only one explanation. Your workplace toxicity is so great that employees are not willing to bear it anymore.

They are a part of the problem but they believe that the only way to get better is to escape.

Final word

Now that you have spotted that your workplace is toxic, you need to sort out what works best for you. You need to break the cycle if it seems easier. However, if there is a little chance of getting things right, you can say adios anytime for your better future.

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