5 Tactics That Parents Could Use to Debate With Their Children About Their Future Careers


Parent-child relation is always about love and giving the best to each other except for certain times when it becomes hard to even express the opinion. One of these troubling times is having a fruitful conversation about the future careers of your children. The majority of the time, parents and children have arguments at this point of time. Before running into a solution there should be an age-appropriate understanding of the children’s minds that cannot be easily molded. At the time when children finish high school, they stand at the most turbulent times of their lives, teenage or adolescence. This is when a person tries to build an identity and rely more on peers for advice. It is the time when all children believe, they can conquer the world. The only hurdle in their way is bound to be the opinions of their parents. Parents, on their part, want the best for their children. However, saying it will not change anything in the mind of your child. You need to be meticulous in dealing with your child. Here are the five tactics that can be used for reaching an agreement with your child.

1- Practical examples
The word ‘experience’ and ‘practical’ is the most loved one among the teenagers. They deny every evidential scenario and tell you it is not practically feasible. At the time, you need to be one step ahead of them. If you want to make a point to them about some profession, give them as much real-life examples as you can. Don’t be hasty and angry if they try to make some point. The conversation is a two-way process and not one.

2- Encourage work Activities
Remember, they are making an identity. One difference between you and their peers is the activities they perform. To show them how reality works, it is imperative to involve them in series of activities such as part-time jobs. They are bound to meet a lot of people and their opinion about the world will change and they will better able to understand your position as a parent.

3- Show empathy and compassion

It is the time where you change your role from a traditional parent to that of a friend who understands and shows them a better way. It is a tactic that always works. At this age, your child may be facing more than you think. You need to rewind your life to the phase and add the difficulties by ten-folds to understand it better.

4- Emphasize Strengths and passions
It may sound cliché but this is how your children look at the world. They believe their strength and passions make them resilient and more adaptable to the current work environment and they are not wrong. The world has changed and it is much easier to play your strength to achieve your financial goals. If you are suggesting them some profession, it is good to combine their experience and your opinions.

5- Take interest in their interest
In the end, a child is not an extension of you as a parent. They have a separate self and a whole life to live. They are more technologically advance and informed in predicting future scenarios. While you make a point as per circumstances of the present, you might miss an essential point. It is always good to listen carefully to their voices. It will make the decision easier and help you reach a viable agreement with your children.

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