5 Reasons Why You Should Treat Your Career as Dating

Your career is ever-evolving–taking you on a journey that in many ways mirrors your dating life. Similar to dating, with each job you work, you learn more about yourself. Here are five reasons why you should treat your career as dating.

1.You learn something new with each one

As with dating, each job you have is going to lead you closer to your career goals. Each professional experience teaches you more about who you are as a professional and what you are and are not willing to accept from your boss, co-workers, and working environment.

2. Don’t settle

It’s easy to get stuck in a career you don’t love or aren’t meeting your potential. Maybe you’re comfortable in the job you got straight out of school. Just like dating, people become complacent in situations that are familiar. Don’t let this happen to you in your professional life. Stay challenged and growing.

3. Keep your options open

You don’t want to commit to the first job you get, or maybe even the second or third. Sometimes it’s a good thing to spend time not settled at a company. Instead, take the time to explore what career options are open to you. There’s a whole world of new opportunities that you won’t want to miss out on. Much like the world of casual dating, you’ll want to keep your professional options available as you determine what your strengths and weaknesses are. Make sure you are always networking and making connections that might serve you down the line.

4. Know yourself better

As professionals (and people), it is vital to understand yourself. Firmly knowing your values and what makes you tick can enhance your ability to reflect on your business practices, allowing you to flourish. Many people fail to take the time to dive into their motivations or what aspects of their work they love. With this level of self-reflection, you provide yourself with the opportunity to branch out and try new things.

5. Know when you need to move on

Sometimes it can be difficult once you realize that your job is no longer helping you grow or is in some way holding you back. An important thing to realize is when it’s time to move on to something new. Knowing this can save you from regret later in life and keep you moving towards your goals.

Final word

Set yourself up for professional success by treating your career like dating. By keeping yourself challenged and in a healthy working environment, you will reach the success you should. Through self-reflection and an open mind, you position yourself to enhance your professional life.

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