5 Things You Need to Know About Vagabonding

Vagabonding is not a trend or lifestyle; it is an attitude. Specifically, it’s an attitude to make your everyday life an adventure and fun. The term was first introduced by Ralph Potts in his book “Vagabonding: An uncommon guide to the art of Long-term world travel”. It was published in 2002 but remained on the list of top 10 life-changing books. The author introduced the concept of a long trip that can change your life. In this blog, we are going to add to this concept of vagabonding. One way to bring an attitude of vagabonding is to take mini-retirements. Mini-retirement is the term introduced by Tim Ferriss and it refers to the short break you take from daily work life rather than waiting for full retirement.

In your break, you most often travel and do something you always wished for. It could be a dream to write a book, draw art or make time for the family. The idea is becoming more popular as more people are realizing the need for vagabonding. But no adventure is without the fear. In the wake of COVID-19, the fear to travel is increased. However, the travel journeys are again starting with some restrictions around the world. To overcome the fear of breaking away from norms, you need to know the 5 things about vagabonding:

1. Prevents Long-term Burnout

Burnout is real and long-term burnout leads to conditions of permanent exhaustion. It may be the case that after your standard retirement, you don’t feel the energy to enjoy the rest of your life let alone to fulfill the travel plans. It is just right to break this cycle of 9 to 5 and get your energy renewed. It will divide your dreams into achievable goals and make them easily achievable. You will be productive, healthier, and happier. You are the only person who can decide how long you can afford to detach from work. Plan your next mini-retirement, when you feel you are suffering a persistent burnout.

2. More Opportunities

It is without a doubt that the more you travel and explore the world, the more opportunities you will get. Vagabonding will open your mind to the things that are not available in your office cabin. You will learn new ways to improve your career or you may consider career change for better opportunities around the world. Your new opportunities may offer more pay and bring out your hidden potentials. One obvious thing is to meet new people and build new connections through vagabonding. This includes professionals from different countries, markets, and domains to create a strong social network of people. Meeting one right person in this network can enhance the chances of success in manifolds.

3. Better Time Management

Mini-retirement is not about lying down idle all day but setting goals and achieving what you have always desired. It involves a proper plan to finance and manage your life. Great lessons of time management can be learned from a vagabonding adventure when you plan your day-to-day life and take control of your life fully. Better time management will not only help you during mini-retirement but also in life after that.

4. Financial Freedom

Most often, the people who opt for mini-retirements think about ways to build their financial freedom. Passive income is a concept more popular today than any time in the past. For people interested in vagabonding, it is a great way to manage their finances in a way that brings financial freedom to enjoy their time while they are enjoying vagabonding. They can build more assets and avail high returns on investments, while they are enjoying their time and considering their careers as well.

5. Mental Focus

Vagabonding is meaningful as it breaks the normal routine of life. When you are living a 9-5 life, you always think about pay, job, income, rents, and debts but not in vagabonding. You are free to focus on yourself and what you want to do as a person. Which actions will help you achieve the purpose of your life? You are free to focus on your readings that would bring you a new skill, do a course that would add value, or follow a passion that was a dream for you. Hence, this time is more impactful for not only yourself but also those around you. It is a time for your own self so that you can think about the important matter of our lives. By focusing on desires and passions, a person builds a new vision for the future and achieves the long-forgotten dreams. Remember that “Life without adventure is like pizza without cheese”.

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