7 Signs Why You Should Seek Your Next Career Opportunity

In the business world, there is often praise for those who work the most hours or get the least amount of sleep. If not on the receiving end of praise, at minimum, this lifestyle receives quiet respect, even when done at the cost of personal happiness and health. This toxic workplace culture leads many executives, managers and business leaders to find themselves in a position in which they experience feelings of burnout and disillusion with their current position. If you are experiencing feelings of burnout, it may be time to examine your role and consider moving on to the next career opportunity. Here are seven reasons it might be time for you to seek your next career opportunity:

1- You are no longer being challenged

It should go without saying that once you are no longer being challenged at your place of business, it’s time to move on. However, working in a job where you know exactly how and what to do each day lulls us into a sense of comfort that can leave us stagnant. If your job isn’t giving you a healthy dose of new experiences, it might be time for a new one. Additionally, the type of challenges your job is providing you might not be the kind you’re looking for. If you’re challenged without support, that also might be a sign that it’s time to move on.

2- You’re not developing the skillset you would like

Similarly to facing new challenges, you also want to critically evaluate the skills you wish to grow as a professional and if that is being successfully formed at your current job. If you don’t know what skills you would like to build, take some time to figure that out before comparing those skills to your day-to-day workload. Research and talk to people you know about what skills they have gained from their jobs and try to find something that aligns with the direction toward which you’re looking to move.

3- You don’t feel fulfilled by your everyday work

You should feel fulfillment when you are working. That might sound strange to some people, as we commonly view our careers as a burden or necessary survival aspect. Being fulfilled doesn’t have to mean that you will love every moment of every day and that there won’t be difficulties that arise; it does, however, mean that you feel as though your work matters.

4- Your job is negatively impacting your health and happiness

This is another point (similarly to #1) that should be a given, but somehow, we have developed into a culture where many people are deeply unhappy with their work, to the point where it seeps into their personal life and health. If your job is making you sick or negatively impacting your relationships with the people you care about, it is time to seriously reflect on if this position is a good fit.

5- Your workplace culture doesn’t align with your values

Your workplace’s environment and culture play a critical role in how effectively you operate as an employee and person. While an organization does not need to align perfectly with every value and idea you have, there are some non-negotiables you should pay attention to: does your employer respect their employees? Do your co-workers contribute to a productive and (generally) positive workplace? Ask yourself what your specific non-negotiables look like and if they’re currently being met.

6- You don’t see room for upward mobility

If your goal is to stay in your exact position with your precise salary and benefits for the rest of your working life, then perhaps your current job is a perfect fit. As you learn more through your time at a company, you are becoming a more valuable resource. Your role and salary should reflect that value. Speak with other trusted people in your industry and track their trajectory if it seems like one you would also like to follow. Find out if your current position will support such a course.

7- You find yourself envious of other people’s careers

If you’re finding yourself feeling jealous as a friend shares about their job or scrolling through Facebook, LinkedIn and seeing someone’s post about their promotion, consider why you’re feeling jealous. If it’s because they follow their dreams and passions, then perhaps it’s time for you to do the same. You’re capable of working somewhere that fills you with that same pride and excitement. Go out and find a career that will inspire and move you to achieve your goals.

A final word

Some of these reasons may resonate with you and some may not. Regardless, work on reflecting deeply about your current position and if you’re experiencing anything from the list above, begin to do your research. There are so many career paths that exist and there are endless your possible-self. It is just a matter of how to choose the perfect fit career for you and build an open mindset to empower you to do so. We generally select our career paths at such a young age that we don’t always grow with them.

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